Restructuring and apologies


It has almost been an entire year since I last posted an update about the blog situation. I said back then, that I’d post a couple of reviews in the “next couple of days”. How wrong I was…

It’s almost been three years since I’ve started this blog, and I have done almost nothing with it. I have a lot of reviews that have yet to be posted and finished.

I’m really sorry for letting everyone down. I’m sorry for everything.

I am currently heavily busy with finishing everything up, and restructuring internally. I will try to reorganize everything, alter several things, and try to get a new design set up. Things will finally get categorized properly, for easier navigation, among things.

I don’t know if you have fate left in me. I’m sorry for the deceipt. I’m sorry for not being able to keep my promises. I’m sorry for everything, to everyone.

I just hope that you guys still have any interest or support left.

Thank you.



Another period of absence, another time for updates + Suggestions

Hello, guys.

I haven’t posted a review here in a while.

I’m sorry. Man, school has been eating all of my time. The fact that I didn’t have a computer of my own back then made it even worse.

But hey! I have a laptop now! Which means that I can write reviews at all times when I have free time! 😀

I’m truly sorry for not posting anything. Stay tuned because a new review will be coming this holiday! I’m on holiday break then, which gives me plenty of time to finish up, and write new, reviews.

I’ll hopefully post a few reviews over the couple of next days also. Thanks for your ongoing support. 🙂

Before I finish this post, I just wanted to ask you guys one very important question;

What can I do to improve my blog?

I want my blog to get better so please tell me what I should imporve or what I should do better. Should I change the design?(yes) Should I write my reviews differently? Let me know.


Thanks for reading this, and please stay tuned for more.


3DS eShop: AiRace Xeno


Hello all! It’s time for another review of mine.

Before I start, I want to apologize for the lack of activity on this. There’s a lot of behind-the-screens work, know that! ;D

Let’s start:

AiRace Xeno is the next installment in the AiRace series from QubicGames, and the second title to appear on Nintendo 3DS. It’s also the fourth installment overall.  The name of this next title is quite fitting, for while it retains the charm and fun from it’s predecessor, it’s more of an alien-styled theme to it. If you’ve played AiRace Speed, then you know what you can expect, since AiRace Xeno works the same way.

But if it’s your first time:

You do time trials on different tracks, of which most have multiple laps. There’s a total of nine tracks which you can race on, each with their nooks and crannies. Most of the tracks are beautiful and neoned-up, and all tracks have multiple routes so you can try and see which one is the fastest! The controls are tight, but well. You can use the main buttons or the touch screen. The touch screen controls are not so well though, and a bit clumsy. But other than that, navigating through a level goes very smoothly! If you crash during your run, you’ll restart at the last checkpoint you reached, but you’ll get 3 seconds added for each time you crash. AKA Penalty. There’s also a penalty for overheating your ship.(If you overheat your ship, it explodes/crashes.) You can get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal, depending on your time.


Medals can not only be used to show off how fast you are, they are also required to unlock more tracks. When the game starts, you only have one track; the first level. As long as you get a Bronze medal in every level, you may advance to the next track. After a few tracks however, the price will go up, and you will instead need SILVER medals to advance. And for the final tracks, you’re going to need Gold medals.

While the game has less tracks than it’s predecessor, the difficulity makes up for it. The courses are slightly more challenging, and getting medals has become more tedious.

Online leaderboards are back, once again tracking your friends’ fastest lap time, adding more replay value to the game. In-game achievements are back aswell, which adds for replay value aswell to those who wish to dig deeper into the game.

Overall, I’d give AiRace: Xeno a…


While the game adds some new stuff and offers a slightly new experience, it seems like it should’ve been DLC for AiRace: Speed. But it’s always fun to have games as seperate titles. 🙂 The difficulity has gone up, making the game slightly harder and more challenging, allowing for new experiences. However, there’s a dissapointing lack of stages. Other than that, it’s a good game overall, and I can’t wait for the next AiRace game!

This has been my review of AiRace Xeno, for Nintendo 3DS!

I hope you enjoyed it!

New reviews are coming in soon. Sorry, school is taking away time. 😦
Farewell, and until next time!

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3DS: ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red

Hello everyone!
This is my review of ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red, for 3DS.


ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red was released overseasearlier this summer for 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita and PS3 after first seeing a 3DS-only release in Japan. This action-adventure-battle RPG features two modes: Story Mode and Coliseum Mode.

The story behind this is that Luffy and his crew arrive on a island, accompanied by a new character called Pato. Once they arrive there, they go exploring the island, only to have all of the crew except Luffy, Pato and two other members kidnapped! Now, Luffy must embark on an adventure to save his friends.

You can get many party members

The controls are pretty simply, but it’s EXTREMELY hard to play this game if your R button isn’t working, since the game allows you to use a huge variety of combos which require using a lot of different buttons. Each character has his or her own unique abilities, of which some can be used to access certain areas in the game. You can use the X and Y buttons to attack, and you can use A to dodge enemy attacks.

Bug catching

The game has a town which serves as the main hub. Players can use materials they collect in areas or missions or through defeating enemies to build and upgrade new areas/buildings in the town. You can also catch bugs and fish, which you can sell for money. You can even catch them in certain areas, while your other teammates do the fighting for you! It’s a fun mechanic, but can somtimes prove rather tricky.


The game also let’s you change the appearance of your characters, thanks to costumes! Costumes can be unlocked in-game, but some costumes can also be downloaded as DLC, for the game has a DLC shop, which is set to have extra costumes and missions available for purchase!

In Coliseum Mode, you can challenge old enemies from earlier games/the tv show. You can unlock new challenges as you progress through Story Mode. And not only can you unlock characters in this mode, but you can also unlock items which can help you on your journey in Story Mode!

Loss in Coliseum Mode

The animation in the game is smoothe, and the graphics are pretty beautiful aswell. There are two cutscene types: One is a CG-like 3D type, and the other is just images talking to eachother in a background, similar to visual novels for example.


There’s a lot of fun to experience with this game, and there’s a lot to love about this game if you’re a fan of the series.

Overall, this game deserves a….


The game offers a fun and solid battle system, it has beautiful graphics and runs very smoothly, and has many other great things for you to experience! Fans of ONE PIECE will find many familiar characters, while also meeting some NEW characters! However, people who aren’t fans of ONE PIECE may find it hard to get into the story, and balancing the team can be an hassle sometimes. There’s also a lack of online multiplayer, which is sad seeing as many people want online multiplayer…

This has been my review of ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red for 3DS!
I hope you enjoyed it.

Apologies for the review delays. Expect a lot of reviews soon. 🙂
Farewell, and until next time!

*Some of the screenshots used in this review are not from the 3DS version

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Hello there!
This is my review for KORG M01D, the newest KORG software piece, this time for Nintendo 3DS.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The latest KORG music station software in the DS family is here, and this time, it’s for the Nintendo 3DS!
The KORG M01D is a music workstation based on the KORG M1, the world’s first widely known music workstation which was released all the way back in 1988. The KORG M1 was used a lot for creating jingles.

Anyone who ever used a music workstation before may find the interface of KORG M01D familiar. Songs can have up to 8 tracks (seperate instrument solo’s), which are broken down into “scenes” with up to 64 notes. Adding a note is easy because all it requires is a single touch.

However, creativity isn’t always for a grid layout, which is where the Kaoss Pad comes in: Sliding the stylus on the bottom of the screen allows music makers to play and improv chords and melodies. Tapping Record will also save a performance to a scene.

The three sound banks carry across them a total of 342 sounds and instruments, of which all sound amazing. The data from the original M1 occupies its own bank and, in addition, contains sounds from KORG’s 1991 station 01/W as well as an extra bank with samples.

Songs can be exported into MIDI format onto your SD Card, so you’ll be able to work even more on them using an actual music synthesizer! You can also share your songs over the Internet, and connect with up to 8 people to share your tracks with them. (So far, I’ve had no luck whatsoever in using any of the Internet functions…)

KORG M01D also has a StreetPass feature, which allows you to share your very own song with others via StreetPass! It has downsides though. You can only send one song at a time, and you’re unable to save the songs that you’ve recieved via StreetPass.

There are also other downsides with KORG M01D, sadly. People unfamiliar with music software may find it hard to use KORG M01D, seeing as there’s barely any explanation given on how to use it. Some may also find it hard to create the rhythm they like…

Overall, I think KORG M01D deserves a deserved…


KORG M01D is an perfect emulation of the original M1 music synthesizer, and offers a lot of great functions for creating your own music. The music export function is nice! However, it may be hard to use for people that are inexperienced with music software, and the Internet and StreetPass functions are pretty dissapointing. But if you’re experienced with music software, and are deciding wether to buy it or not: I say BUY IT! It’s highly recommended for the musical type. 🙂

This has been my review of KORG M01D!
I hope you’ve enjoyed it!
I have a whole bunch of other reviews coming up soon, so stay tuned! I may even have an interview coming soon… ;o

My apologies for the review being so late, by the way. ;-;


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3DS: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked

“A Timeless Remake”

Hello everyone!
This is my review for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is a remake of the original Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, released in 2009. This remake features extra features, new events and graphical updates. New events include an extra epilogue.

The game is set in Tokyo, where the government has shut down the city and placed it under a lockdown because of the sudden appearance of demons. You, the protagonist, have to capture demons and try to survive alongside your friends, while meeting new friends on the way.

It all starts when the protagonist and his friends, Yuzu and Atsuro, are given mysterious ‘handheld consoles’ called Communication Players. COMPS, for short. However, upon further tinkering with them, it’s discovered that they have been modified to allow you to summon demons!

The COMP of the protagonist has a special feature, however. It allows you to see a number above the heads of people, called a Death Clock. It indicates the amount of days a person has left to live. The main cast receive mails that predict the future. Only by battling demons, and overcoming their fate, they can survive.

To anyone who’s ever played a Shin Megami Tensei game, it’ll feel pretty familiar. But the combat system is unique! It entirely mixes turn-based RPG combat with strategy-RPG! Every human party member can have up to 2 demons assigned to them. You can have 4 human characters on your team(The Protagonist, and three others), and every human is divided into a team of three.

An enemy party, consisting of three demons.

Making for a total party of 12 seperated into four teams, it allows you to control four teams. All of the game takes place on the lower screen. The top screen is almost never used, which means that all the action takes place on the lower screen aswell. You can move your teams around, make them cast buffs/debuffs, and make them battle demons. You can decide the stat growth of the protagonist, but the stats of your other party members are determined by the AI.

One of the main characters, Yuzu, in-battle

Each battle engagement lasts only one turn, unless someone on your team or the enemy team earns an Extra Turn. In VERY rare cases, it’s also possible to earn a Double Turn.

Throughout the came, you’ll be able to move from location to location, talk with NPC’s and talk with your party members. You can also access extra events, some of which may decide the fate of a party member. Or do a Free Battle to grind your characters!

World Map. City map actually, since you never leave Tokyo

After you defeat an enemy, you may receive a bonus, which is extra Macca(Macca is the in-game currency). A bonus can only be earned by reaching certain conditions, such as surviving a fight without taking damage, defeating multiple enemies at once or attacking an enemies’ weaknesses. Macca can be used for purchasing in demons in the Demon Auction. Later in the game, you’ll get a Demon Compedium which will also let you register your demons, so you can get them back should you have used one in a fusion process. However, getting your demon back will require a fee of Macca. Also, some fusions require a Macca fee.

Before you begin the battle, you can choose which skill a human can Skill Crack from an enemy. Skill Crack allows you to obtain a skill from an enemy upon defeating the enemy. However, there’s a catch. The enemy which is yet to be skill cracked by the selected character MAY NOT be attacked by ANOTHER CHARACTER, because then the Skill Crack will be lost.

The voice acting in the game isn’t really bad, and some of the sound effects in the game have been changed. I prefer the soundtrack of Devil Surivivor 2 though.

As mentioned before, Devil Survivor Overclocked ONLY takes place on the bottom screen, with the top screen being used in rare instances, such as Demon Fusion, the opening movie, and other sequences. Thus, barely any 3D functionality.

Overall, I’d give this game a…

I think Devil Survivor Overclocked serves as a great remake. It still retains it’s sound effects, great dialogue, amazing battle system, and more. It is dissapointing that no use has been made of the other screen, for that would’ve perhaps added a bit more to the game overall. Grinding still takes a long time, sadly. And there’s nothing that can make up for that. But the 8th Day extra epilogue is a great addition to the game, and the story itself. The voice acting is also pretty great too.

This was my review of Devil Survivor Overclocked.
Thanks for reading!


This review copy has been provided by Ghostlight Ltd.

3DS: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers


Summoning greatness

Hello, everybody!

This is my review for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers! (It’s a very long name.)
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers originally came out on the Sega Saturn all the way back  in 1997, and at the time was a Japan Only release. This is the first time the game has been released overseas.  This remake features voice acting, 3D effects, graphical updates and much more!

Set in a faraway future full of technology where computer terminals are scattered all over the city, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers follows the adventures of Amami City’s number one most hardcore, and good-natured hackers group, the Spookies.

The protagonist (You) gains access to the beta of AlgonSoft’s virtual, Paradigm X.
However, when demons suddenly start appearing, they find out that not everything is what it seems to be.

The main focus are the main characters, a hacker group known as Spookies.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers features the standard Shin Megami Tensei-gameplay.
Just like earlier games, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers takes place in two main places:  the City Map and the first person dungeons. In the dungeons is where you can randomly encounter demons and fight them. But instead of killing every demon you meet, you can also choose to talk to them, which may lead to them joining you! However, you can only talk to one demon at a time. Sometimes, a demon from your party will try to negotiate with the demon, but there’s a HUGE chance that it will cause the enemy demons to go crazy on you.As in, it won’t work. It isn’t limited to joining you, however. If you answer their questions correctly or nicely, you may end up gettting a gift from them! It may also cause them to leave without attacking you. And just so you know: Receiving money from demons is one of the best ways in the game to grind money.

The interaction system. What the demon will do depends on your answer.

Another element to the game are the Moon Cycles. They can affect the enemies you encounter, making most of them go crazy on you during a full moon when you start talking to them. It can also make your demon’s stronger, or weaker. And you have chances of getting special items from some demons.

A battle.

Demons never level up. They gain loyalty instead. Loyalty can be earned depending on how you treat them, and what gifts you give them. The more loyalty a demon has, the higher the chance that it will listen to your commands.

Magnetite returns, an apparently recurring feature in the Devil Summoner series. You need Magnetite so your demons can remain in the human world. If you have no Magnetite, your demon’s will deplete at a quick rate, and your demons will be wiped out. Magnetite A good place for farming Magnetite (and money too by the way) is the Sea Ark.

One of the new features for this re-release is StreetPass. When you StreetPass another person, you recieve D-Souls. You can also exchange Play Coins for D-Souls, used to buy demons from Nemechi! Nemechi can also be evolved using those D-Souls. D-Souls are the currency used for the Nemechi program. If you don’t save the game, or die before you can save, your Play Coins will be wasted, and your D-Souls will be lost.

Explanation of the Nemechi Program.

The game allows you to save at select points, but later in the game you will recieve the option to be able to save anywhere you want. This can be toggled. The game features multiple save slots. The function to be able to save anywhere you want will be EXTREMELY handy, so I heavily suggest that you use it, for you can’t save anywhere you want in normal gameplay which is frustrating. Especially since when you get defeated, you get a Game Over-screen, and then you get sent back to the title screen. No second chances.

This game deserves a solid…


This is my first actually owned Shin Megami Tensei game, and I must say, it’s a great one. It features some pretty neat voice acting, fast loading times, and it has good utilization of the StreetPass function. The new demons added for this re-release are also great, and can help you out big time. However, it sometimes there’s this feeling that some options in the game are limited. (Like when you’re in your character’s room.) Sometimes there’s not much to do, other than the main story. But it still remains a pretty great game, and I’m glad it finally made it overseas. And it’s amazing how they ported a 14 year old game onto the 3DS and made it so incredibly great! And let’s not forget one of the most important features of the game: The amazing soundtrack~

This has been my heavily belated review of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, for 3DS. The reason for the late reviews shall be explained soon in another blogpost.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

This review copy has been provided by NIS America